Organic meal kit company Sun Basket is using Sealed Air's TempGuard to keep ingredients within temperature guidelines during shipment. ( Photo courtesy Sealed Air Corp. )

Sealed Air is providing box liners for meal kit delivery service Sun Basket, which supplies organic produce with meal ingredients.

Sealed Air, which describes itself as a global “protective e-commerce packaging material” supplier, makes TempGuard, a curbside recyclable box liner that Sun Basket is using to insulate perishable products.

TempGuard is made from recycled paper and has been tested to ensure contents can maintain proper temperatures for one- and two-day ground shipping, according to a news release. The material also cushions the meal ingredients during shipping.

“We are pleased to have a fully curbside recyclable solution in our portfolio that meets Sun Basket’s temperature assurance requirements,” Susan Bell, vice president of strategy and business development at Sealed Air said in the release.

TempGuard is flexible and an inch thinner than Sun Basket’s previously used material, allowing the meal kit company to downsize to a 25% smaller box, according to the release.

“We learned about Sealed Air’s 100% recyclable paper insulation before it came to market, and because of that, we are now the first in the meal kit business to use it,” Michael Golub, head of strategic initiatives for Sun Basket, said in the release. “We are excited about this insulation because, among other things, it made the recycling process even easier for our customers while at the same time reducing the size of our box, for both a sustainability and customer experience win.”