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The changing role of wholesalers and distributors of organic produce will be the focus of the first of six educational sessions at the Organic Produce Summit.

The event is July 10-11 in Monterey, Calif.

The session features industry leaders from three different regions of the U.S., according to a news release.

Mark Munger, vice president sales and marketing for 4Earth Farms, will moderate the panel, according to the release.

Panelists are:

  • Elizabeth Nardi, CEO of The Organically Grown Co.;
  • Greg Kurkjian, vice president and general manager of The Crosset Co.; and
  • Mark Hill, salesman with Baldor Foods.

“The growing demand for organic fresh produce has led to an evolution of the role wholesalers and distributors across the country play in offering products to consumers,” Munger said in the release.

“The session will be an excellent chance for OPS attendees to hear how wholesalers from the West Coast, Midwest and East Coast are adapting, expanding and meeting the growing demands placed on bringing organic produce to retail outlets across the country.”

The summit will feature other educational sessions:

  • Organic Sales Analysis and the Organic Consumer;
  • Tackling Food Waste — Good for the Planet and the Bottom Line;
  • International Insights and Trends on Organic Produce;
  • International Organic Produce Supply; and
  • Organic Ready Meals at Retail.

Keynote speakers are organic consumer activist Robyn O’Brien and award-winning chef and author Dan Barber, according to the release. The event also will include a Retailer Roundtable, field tours for buyers, and a trade show with 148 producers and processors of organic fresh produce, according to the release.

Registration is available at www.organicproducesummit.com.



Submitted by Robert on Wed, 02/13/2019 - 19:01

I'm sorry to say that there is NO such thing as 'Organic' food production in the US any longer. Chemicals are in the ground, water and air now and there is NO way of removing them. Since the 1980's, the organic revolution/evolution is nothing but a 'gimic' term to raise the cost of our food supply. Anyone with 1/2 a brain can figure this for themselves. The BIG chem companies have polluted everything we consume, even the medication we take to combat the effects of their pollution. We have become a 'DUMBED DOWN' society in the us...only sheeples following their 'masters'.