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San Diego, Calif.-based Organics Unlimited is positioned for good year-round production of organic bananas and is celebrating a big milestone.

“We are the pioneers in the organic banana industry and so we have seen it evolve into a mainstream healthier option,” said Mayra Velazquez de Leon, president and CEO. 

Consumers are looking for “clean” foods and increasing numbers of shoppers are asking for organic produce, she said.

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the trend toward healthier eating, and that has been good for bananas.

“Bananas are a fruit with a thick peel and consumers see the benefits of snacking on bananas and baking with bananas during these times,” she said. 

In addition, she said there have been more articles on the benefits of eating bananas for a healthier immune system. 

“Consumers sometimes ask what is the healthier banana? I would say organic spotted bananas are healthier because the brown spots carry the most antioxidants. For these reasons there has been an increase in organic banana sales,” she said.

Velazquez de Leon said that Organics Unlimited is celebrating 20 years in business with a special marketing campaign highlight growing and distributing organic bananas under the Organics Unlimited and GROW labels.

Themes of the marketing campaign include emphasizing the company’s fairly traded GROW organic bananas, supporting communities and small growers, she said. 

“We’re also celebrating on social media by using the hashtag #VoteGROW2020 to share memories, showing off in-store retail displays, highlighting the coinciding 15th anniversary of GROW, and taking a fun look back at the past 20 years of Organics Unlimited while eagerly looking ahead to the next 20.” 


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