Mandarins grow in a grove in Chile. With Chile's clementine and mandarin crops up this year, there's plenty of volume for U.S. importers to expand their summer citrus programs. ( Courtesy Chilean Citrus Committee )

Chilean easy-peeler volume will almost double for Pacific Trellis Fruit in 2018, said Christopher DeSana, East Coast import manager and sales manager.

For Southern Hemisphere citrus, DeSana sees growth in easy peelers from Uruguay, Peru and Chile, in addition to navels from Chile.

Promotional opportunities will begin in June and continue through September.

The company will pack bagged easy-peelers and navels in the Dulcinea brand for the first time this year, DeSana said, with the possibility of doing cross promotions with the company’s melons.

Fruit packed in the Dulcinea label will have to meet the company’s premium specifications including seedless, color and brix standards, he said.

Over the past eight months, the company has hired several sales, logistics and marketing positions as it expands into citrus, cherries, apples and pears.