( Courtesy Pacific Trellis )

As the Mexican grape season begins, importers will be seeing an expected 22-million carton crop this season, a one-third increase from last season.

Pacific Trellis Fruit’s vertically-integrated Mexican grape program, from growing to shipping, gives the company oversight to leverage the higher outlook for retailers, according to a news release.

The company counts itself as one of the top-five U.S. grape importers from Latin American countries, according to the release. Most the conventional grapes Pacific Trellis brings in from Mexico are grown by the company, with the remainder grown by partners it has worked with for 10 or more years, general manager Josh Leichter said in the release.

Pacific Trellis developed its own organic grape program in Mexico several years ago, and it will account for 200,000 boxes of red, green and black grapes this season, according to the release.

Pacific Trellis has long-standing relationships in Mexico and other countries, Leichter said.

“That experience allows us to build strong programs around guaranteed volumes – for conventional and organic grapes,” he said in the release.

The company has sales offices in Fresno, Calif., Gloucester, N.J., and Nogales, Ariz.

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