( Courtesy NNZ )

NNZ USA, Atlanta, has hired four former Giro Pack Inc. employees who have experience in tubular net and film packaging, Giro Pack’s signature products.

The new hires are:

  • David Larkin, vice president of sales and marketing;
  • Jarek Sochacki, technical director;
  • Chip Manuel, sales manager; and
  • Steve Carey, sales manager.

“With the new colleagues on board we are complementing our current team of seasoned employees with extensive market and technical experience in knitted tubular net and film,” Marco Boot, president of NNZ USA said in a news release.

“This will allow us to offer our customers the benefits of a single source approach for end-to-end packaging and packaging solutions for the tubular net and film,” he said in the release.

NNZ USA is part of the NNZ Group, an international company specialized in agricultural and industrial packaging, with 26 subsidiaries in 18 countries and more than 250 employees worldwide, according to the news release.