Package Containers Inc.'s Holiday Collection line of custom-designed bags offers holiday-specific designs for customers with low-volume orders. ( Courtesy Packaging Containers Inc. )

Alliance Rubber tests silicone applications

Rubber-band supplier Alliance Rubber, Hot Springs, Ark., is working on “a big push” with new silicone-based applications, said Joan Dennis, marketing manager.

“We just started to (do) extruding and doing custom profiles you can do in tubing, cording, what they call profiles,” she said. “It’s meant to lock in a specific manner or way — grip-it cords used in machinery, a sealant that holds gases in. Kind of the sky is the limit. Everything we’ve been working on, so far, we’ve been able to do successfully.”


FlexPak pursues SQF certification

Vadnais Heights, Minn.-based FlexPak LaserSharp Services LLC is working on becoming SQF Food Safety-certified, said Amanda Quimby, marketing coordinator.

“A higher-level food safety is what we’re focused on,” she said.

The goal is to have certification completed by the end of 2018, she said.

“We’re already doing a majority of the requirements,” she said.


Fox Packaging expands plant

McAllen, Texas-based Fox Packaging completed a plant expansion in March, said Aaron Fox, executive vice president.

“We had a whole new printing facility, new equipment,” he said. “Everybody wants more and newer, so we have 10-color press, high-speed quick changeover. Everyone wants higher-quality print, more efficiency — that’s the way it’s going.”

The expansion allows for quicker, more efficient production, Fox said.

“Our volume went up, and our efficiencies are up, definitely,” he said. “The quality has stepped up, not that it was bad before. It just gives you a different level.”

The expansion included a new 30,000-square-foot building, Fox said, declining to disclose how much the project cost.

Fox Packaging is now more than 50 years old. Kenneth Fox, Aaron Fox’s father, launched the company.


Monterey Mushrooms has new pack design

Watsonville, Calif.-based Monterey Mushrooms Inc. has redesigned its package labels for all fresh mushrooms.

The new designs feature fresh, bright colors, product benefit call-outs and an easy-to-read nutrition label.

“Shoppers want to see fresh produce clearly and understand how to use the contents, said Lindsey Roberts, company marketing manager.

The redesign was also an opportunity for the company to bring consistency to its design elements including a consistent use of colors for banners, background, net weight and country of origin.Mushroom packages with the redesigned labels are being distributed now.


Package Containers rolls out Holiday Collection

Canby, Ore.-based Package Containers Inc. will launch its Holiday Collection line of custom-designed bags this fall, said Dave DeMots, CEO.

The line, which allows for holiday-specific designs for customers with low-volume orders, joins its PCI Collection of designs, DeMots said.

“One of the barriers for the smaller retailer is buying enough bags. We’re producing thousands and many small retailers can buy that volume,” he said. “So, we’re coming up and have essentially developed custom art for what we call the PCI Collection, so we can essentially buy this beautiful art we’ve created and can put their logo on it, at lower quantities that make sense for them.

The Holiday Collection will accommodate promotions, such as back-to-school, Super Bowl, Mother’s Day and others, DeMots said.

The PCI Collection launched last fall, DeMots said. “So, the produce department can be merchandised just like the rest of the store is merchandised, yet you can still customize those with your brand,” he said. The lines are ideal for small retail chains that don’t order bags in the largest volumes, DeMots said.


Sev-Rend sees growth in new items

Collinsville, Ill.-based packaging manufacturer SevRend has seen growth in its core products of tags, film and Sof-Net soft tubular netting, said Jeff Watkin, graphic and marketing manager.

“Along with that, we are seeing a great start to new products we are offering our customers, as well, such as various pouch types and new styles of extruded netting,” he said.


Stemilt Growers expands packaging for organic

Wenatchee, Wash.-based Stemilt Growers LLC is increasing packaging options for its organic fruit, said Brianna Shales, spokeswoman.

“We have an expanded range of sizes to help retailers sell more organic, all in the pouch-bag style,” Shales said.

There will be organic fruit available in 2-, 3- and 5-pound bags of apples and pears, she said.

The choices will match Stemilt’s pouch options for conventional fruit, Shales said.

“For the first time, whatever have on conventional, we have the same sizes on organic,” she said.

“The big thing is, a 5-pound organic was pretty rare on an apple, mostly because of price point. But as volumes have come up, we are able to pack a 5-pound. We’ve expanded the 5-pound organic bag into several varieties.”

Stemilt also is working toward offering top-seal packaging for its cherries, perhaps in time for the 2019 season, Shales said.