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John Chamberlain has spent well over a decade creating connections that have raised the profile of lemons and raised the profile of Limoneira Co.

An extensive influencer network focused on five areas — nutrition, recipes, beauty, green cleaning and lifestyle — has allowed the Santa Paula, Calif.-based company to punch above its weight when it comes to awareness. 

Limoneira CEO Harold Edwards described Chamberlain, who was promoted last year to vice president of global marketing, as a major contributor to the strategy that has propelled the company to where it stands today.

“He’s an extraordinary individual. He’s got great vision,” Edwards said. 

“I give him a lot of credit for opening up the Limoneira Co. and helping Limoneira tell its story to the world, and I say that with great reverence because if I go back to before he was with the company ... Limoneira had a very proud and very rich history, but it was very closed ... ” Edwards said.

“John has been a huge part, very instrumental, in the vision and helping us develop the brand that we’ve developed today.”

Edwards noted that Chamberlain has been particularly successful in connecting the company’s emphasis on sustainability to the Limoneira brand. 

Chamberlain describes his leadership style as based on a team approach and setting clear expectations.

“Communication is a very difficult thing because people assume things, and I think you’ve got to spend a lot of time just communicating what the goals and objectives are, and then what’s the actual plan and the implementation of it, and working together to get there,” Chamberlain said. 

“It’s tweaking things when things aren’t going the way you want and maybe scrapping things that don’t work, and then always continually trying. You’ve got to keep going, and there’s going to be good days and bad days, but I like people that are collaborative and work together for a common goal and treat people with respect. I think that’s very, very important.”

Edwards noted that, with Chamberlain leading the company’s marketing efforts, awareness about Limoneira is strong and growing.

“We make way more noise than who we really are — we’re really not that big of a company, but we sure do make a lot of noise, and John is very much responsible for that,” Edwards said.

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