Packer Insight - NY Produce Show and romaine update
Tom Karst and Ashley Nickle ( The Packer )

Editor-in-chief Tom Karst and retail editor Ashley Nickle discuss the New York Produce Show and the latest updates in the Food and Drug Administration's investigation into the outbreak tied to romaine lettuce.


For more information on the romaine situation, check out this article:

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Submitted by Verne Powell on Sat, 12/15/2018 - 12:34

You have zero conversation in these pages about the low health risk of eating Romaine Lettuce, regardless that Jim Prevor's WSJ article was well-received and widely discussed at the NY Produce Show. Is the lack of comment because Produce Business happens to be a competitor, or because you just don't get it? It was much more dangerous for me to walk across the street in Manhattan last week than it was (ever) to consume Romaine. When does a discussion about the denominator on these outbreaks finally become a part of the conversation?