(Clockwise from top left) News editor Chris Koger, retail editor Ashley Nickle, editor-in-chief Tom Karst, Northeast editor Amy Sowder. ( The Packer )

(UPDATED) The Packer's editor-in-chief Tom Karst, news editor Chris Koger, retail editor Ashley Nickle and Northeast editor Amy Sowder discuss news of the week, from wildfires to recalls to the apple conference and changes in Boston.

Check out the video for the rundown, and get more details from the articles linked below. Thanks for watching!

Note on update: Following the recording of this Packer Insight, Wawona Packing/Prima Wawona issued a recall for bagged peaches, and then included bulk peaches in the recall(UPDATED) Prima Wawona recalls bagged, bulk peaches

(UPDATED) Wawona brand peaches linked to salmonella outbreak — State and federal health officials are investigating an outbreak of salmonella likely linked to Wawona brand bagged peaches sold at Aldi stores in multiple states.

Extreme heat, wildfires affecting Salinas produce — Grower-shippers in the Salinas area kept a close eye on air quality and field conditions Aug. 20 as dozens of wildfires raged across California and ash fell from the sky onto crops.

Podcast: Markon's Mark Shaw discusses effect of California wildfires — In this episode of Tip of the Iceberg Podcast, Mark Shaw, vice president of operations for Salinas, Calif.-based Markon Cooperative, provides an update on how wildfires in the area have been affecting the industry.

New York’s Kaari Stannard receives The Packer's apple award — Kaari Stannard is the The Packer’s 2020 Apple Woman of the Year.

Salmonella cases top 1,200; FDA looks for clues at farm — Salmonella Newport cases in the U.S. and Canada continue to increase, with more than 1,000 cases linked to onions from Thomson International.