Packer Insight - What changes are coming to retail
Tom Karst and Ashley Nickle ( The Packer )

The 125th anniversary of The Packer is coming up, and with that in mind, editor Tom Karst surveyed industry members to find out about what changes they believe are coming to retail in the next 25 years.

In this video, Tom and Produce Retailer editor Ashley Nickle discuss the projections that came in and their perspective on how the industry will evolve. A few of the suggestions proffered are listed below; check out Tom's full blog for the rest.

  • "The online marketplace is here to stay and fresh produce will be a differentiating factor."
  • "More home delivery, more self service."
  • "Less staffing in the stores."
  • "Technology and digital will change the consumer purchase path."
  • "It feels like center store is dying and perishable emphasis will evolve."
  • "Trends, analysis and big data will change everything."


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