( Honeybear Brands )

Pazazz apples, a proprietary variety from Elgin, Minn.-based Honeybear Brands, has impressed consumers in a blind taste test.

The taste test and consumer interviews, commissioned by Honeybear Brands and conducted by Churchill Group at Leede Research in Minneapolis, found that 57% of participants preferred the taste of Pazazz apples over eight other varieties sampled, according to the release. The second-most popular variety was Cosmic Crisp, with 26%.

A majority of the participants in the consumer taste test, 91%, chose Pazazz over Honeycrisp, Don Roper, vice president of sales and marketing for Honeybear Brands, said in the release.

“Over and over we heard respondents gush over the robust flavor of Pazazz and their desire for a tangy apple,” Roper said in the release.

Roper said in the release that Pazazz has a balance of sweet and tart.

“We couldn’t be happier with the results and feedback from this taste test,” Kristi Harris, brand manager of Honeybear Brands, said in the release. “The apple industry has developed some fantastic new varieties and consumers are demanding better flavor than some of the tired varieties found on the deck.”


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