It's the one-year anniversary of PBH's new Have a Plant brand. ( PBH )

It’s been one year since the Produce for Better Health Foundation launched its Have a Plant brand, and now PBH and its influencer network reach more than 1.5 million consumers a day.

PBH has more than a million followers on Facebook and has seen growth on other social media platforms as well, according to its just-released 2019 annual report. The organization’s revamped website has also seen more engagement, with more than a million page views between April and December, a 114% increase in site users, and a 111% increase in page views.

“No other organization is connecting with consumers like PBH is right now,” Bil Goldfield, director of corporate communications for Dole and board chairman for PBH, said in the release. “It’s been remarkable to experience this transformation over the past year, and I very much look forward to what is ahead for us. If we want to impact fruit and vegetable consumption, we must work together, and I believe PBH is perfectly positioned to lead the effort after such an extraordinary year.”

One of the changes PBH made was pivoting from a prescriptive approach in its consumer communications to one that focuses instead on the instant gratification of feeling good while eating fruits and vegetables. PBH aims to encourage consumers to recognize that emotional response to tap into a “want to eat” approach to produce rather than a “should eat” approach.

The organization’s annual report details the behavioral science behind that approach, along with more details on PBH’s reach, not only through social media but among consumer-facing industry members like retail dietitians. Along with connecting online, PBH also hosted event content for those stakeholders and others throughout the year.

“PBH experienced transformative growth in 2019, not only in terms of how PBH serves our members, but also in the way we communicate and engage with consumers about fruits and vegetables,” Wendy Reinhardt Kapsak, CEO and president of PBH, said in the release. “No transformation occurs in a vacuum; internal restructuring, combined with outward-facing strategic efforts, have served to cement PBH’s status as an important industry asset, consumer-facing influencer and convening thought leader. This is a testament to our members and their faith in, and support of, PBH, a credible, third-party organization with unique value as a trusted source for fruit- and veggie-loving consumers and influencers alike.”


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