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Commodity Overview

Peaches are a popular favorite summertime fruit. Attract consumers to your store with large stone fruit displays. Promote peaches heavily during peak season to add to your bottom line.

Fresh Trends

The likelihood of a peach purchase increased according to income and age, with the oldest shoppers and those in the highest income bracket being the most likely groups to buy the fuzzy fruit overall. The youngest shoppers and those in the lowest income bracket were among the least likely to buy.

More than half of all buyers living in the West purchased peaches, with those in other regions being less likely to buy. Caucasian consumers preferred peaches more than those of other ethnicities; African American shoppers comprised the group least likely to buy the stone fruit overall.

Half of all peach buyers said they preferred to buy the fruit ripe, while another 25% said they preferred to buy peaches unripe. Forty-six percent of buyers said they felt comfortable selecting ripe peaches; they were the No. 4 item shoppers were comfortable with regarding ripeness (among those items asked about).

Three in 10 peach buyers said they selected organic product at least some of the time, while 11% said they picked organic every time. 




After falling for two years in a row, peach sales climbed slightly in 2017, rising just 0.1%. Volume fell 11% while per-pound retail prices rose 13%.