( Courtesy of Pear Bureau Northwest )

Flu and allergy seasons — also called winter and spring — are when Pear Bureau Northwest will gear its promotions toward living a healthy lifestyle with a nutritious diet.

The bureau’s multi-channel approach will tackle retailer demos and displays, targeted digital ad campaigns, and editorial and social media with a synchronized message highlighting the flavor, versatility and nutritional benefits of pears, according to the bureau’s news release.

“With the fresh start of a new year, and many people embracing healthier lifestyle and diet choices, we feel that February and March are the perfect months to loudly share the message that pears are a favorite winter fruit with significant nutritional benefits,” bureau president and CEO Kevin Moffitt said in the news release. 

The bureau will coordinate promotions with February’s designation as American Heart Month and March’s designation as National Nutrition Month. A California Walnuts collaboration will place the two salad ingredients, along with others, together in retail displays. Retailers will also be encouraged feature contests and other pear recipe ideas in store signage.

Using its @USAPears handle on social media and in newsletters, the bureau will emphasize the 6 grams of fiber in a medium pear and all 10 varieties being “Heart-Check certified” by the American Heart Association. The bureau will also use targeted ads on social media plus collaborate with wellness influencers, hosting an online sweepstakes.