The governor's PA Produce Month proclamation was presented at Buffalo Valley Produce Auction in Mifflinburg, Pa., including (left to right) William Pyle, auction board president; Scott Hoffman, Vegetable Marketing and Research Program vice chairman; Neil Courtney, auction manager; Russell Redding, Pennsylvania secretary of Agriculture; William Troxell, Vegetable Program exec. secretary; and John Esslinger of Penn State Extension. ( Courtesy of the Pennsylvania Vegetable Marketing and Research Program. )

Pennsylvania Secretary of Agriculture Russell Redding visited Buffalo Valley Produce Auction in Mifflinburg, Pa., to present the governor’s Pennsylvania Produce Month proclamation to auction manager Neil Courtney and others.

The month-long celebration of locally grown vegetables is sponsored by the Pennsylvania Vegetable Marketing and Research Program to recognize the 101,000 tons of fresh and processed vegetables worth more than $60 million that are grown by more than 4,000 Pennsylvania farmers on 45,700 acres, according to a news release. 

August is peak season for the state’s fresh vegetables. 

In the U.S., Pennsylvania ranks ninth in production for sweet corn, 11th for tomatoes and 12th for cabbage grown for the fresh market, according to the release.

Buffalo Valley Produce Auction was established in 1987. Today’s buildings take up 128,000 square feet and include more than 180 dock spaces. The auction is one of the three largest produce auctions in the U.S., selling millions of dollars of Pennsylvania produce annually and holding the largest pumpkin auction in the world, according to the release.

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