Jeff Huckaby, president and CEO of Grimmway Farms (left) shows the company's Arvin carrot facility to Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue.


Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue visited Grimmway Farms recently, touring a carrot facility and hearing about some of the pressures that produce growers face.

Perdue visited the Arvin, Calif., facility on Nov. 6 and took part in a round-table discussion with officials from Western Growers, local growers and several employees.

Secretary Perdue toured Grimmway’s cut and peeled carrot facility, seeing the process of taking whole carrots and transforming them into baby carrots by cutting, sorting, peeling, polishing and bagging them.

Perdue sat down to a round-table discussion that touched on immigration and labor issues, the North American Free Trade Agreement, federal and state water issues, costs associated with government regulations and other topics, according to Jeff Huckaby, president and CEO of Grimmway Farms.

“We discussed immigration and the impacts of the guest worker program on agriculture, and what we need specifically to make it work,” Huckaby said in an e-mail.

Perdue had numerous tweets (@SecretarySonny) about his visit.

After touring the facility he tweeted:

  • “They produce 10 million lbs of carrots a day at @GrimmwayFarms near Arvin, CA. Sounds like a lot. But when you see it, you believe it.”;
  • “Impressive facility at @GrimmwayFarms, largest carrot producer in world. CEO Jeff Huckaby has 10k employees & meets w/each one 2x a year.”;
  • “More At @GrimmwayFarms, meeting with California producers with @RepDavidValadao. All concerned about regulations, taxes & 2018 #FarmBill.”

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