Cuzco, the Avocados from Peru mascot, was introduced to consumers through social media in mid-2018. ( File photo )

Peru exported 182 million pounds of avocados to the U.S. this season.

The Peruvian Avocado Commission reported that overall exports from the country hit a record of more than 726 million pounds, with the bulk going to Europe, which is Peru’s largest export market.

In the U.S., Avocados from Peru, which promotes the fruit with marketing to retail, trade and consumers, saw a number of firsts this season.

The group completed 10,000 demos in 60 days, according to a news release, at Walmart, Costco and Sam’s Clubs across the nation. During Walmart’s Wellness week, Avocados from Peru (as the only produce item that’s participated) conducted demos at almost 1,000 locations.

Other activities from Avocados from Peru this season included:

  • The debut of brand mascot Cuzco the Avocado on social media, with plans to include the character in 2019 digital marketing;
  • Sponsorship of World Cup and Major League Baseball games;
  • Partnership with CBS and the New York Yankees, bringing “Avo-Dogs” to Yankee Stadium over the Labor Day weekend; and
  • Showcased the avocados at the Baltimore, Md., zoo with “Peru at the Zoo.”
Submitted by John Schroth on Mon, 10/22/2018 - 08:50

Peru avocados do not ripen properly no matter what you do with them. They are picked way too early.