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Crystal Valley sees more demand for value-added

Katiana Valdes, director of marketing for Miami-based Crystal Valley Foods, said value-added asparagus has become increasingly popular.

“Part of the value-added appeal is that the asparagus comes in an extended-shelf-life, microwaveable bag, and sometimes already cut, which makes preparation for the time-starved consumer a breeze,” Valdes said.

“Crystal Valley offers asparagus in 2-pound, 1-pound, 8-ounce (and) 6-ounce extended-shelf-life microwave pouches.”


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Robinson Fresh increases volume

Eden Prairie, Minn.-based Robinson Fresh plans to have more Peruvian asparagus this season.

Walter Hoffman, asparagus commodity manager, provided an update in late June.

“We anticipate having a very good season this year, and we are excited with the programs we have in place,” Hoffman said.

“We announced last year that we were going to expand our asparagus volume; forecasted 2018 Robinson Fresh asparagus volume is up 20%.

“Much of this volume will be packed in the Green Giant Fresh brand,” Hoffman said.

He said branded asparagus has been a strong growth driver for the business.