Peruvian fruit exporter plans to open a U.S. office for imports of grapes.
( El Pedregal SA )

Peruvian fruit grower-packer-exporter El Pedregal S.A. plans to open a U.S. office to handle imports.

The company didn’t release a specific location for the office, but said it plans to open it in the coming months “to address the customers’ needs more directly,” according to a news release.

“We are taking this step forward to make direct delivery easier for our customers, and at the same time ensure the top quality of our grapes through the distribution chain,” Julio Bustamente, general manager of El Pedregal, said in the release.

The company grows and exports grapes, citrus and avocados. Exported grape brands are Terra Sur, Red Dragon and Mayqa.

“This step will take us closer to our customers, being able to meet their needs and listen to what the U.S. market wants, interact more directly, and in this way be more aligned with their expectations and demands,” Andre Fattore, commercial manager, said in the release.