Sweet onions from Peru help meet year-round demand. ( File photo )

Crowley Maritime Corp.

Jacksonville, Fla.-based Crowley Maritime Corp. says it is providing "full cargo visibility" to importers through its web portal and uses location and temperature monitoring services through SmartTraxx GO by Locus Traxx Worldwide.

The tool monitors shipments in real time, said Nelly Yunta, vice president of customized brokers with Crowley Maritime.

"It delivers updates to the customer's PC or smartphone, or if they prefer, Customized Brokers can receive the alerts, monitor cargo on their behalf and take action as needed," Yunta said.

Crowley customers also are getting faster releases through the U.S. Customs ACE process, but Crowley continues with the same agricultural inspections at the port and coordinated delivery to warehouses for further inspection by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Agriculture Marketing Service, Yunta said.


G&R Farms

Glennville, Ga.-based G&R Farms is working on upgrades on a number of fronts this year, said Walt Dasher, co-owner.

"We are making equipment updates, new land rotation and packing shed improvements to try and help with our overall quality and efficiency from Peru," Dasher said.


Karpinski Trucking & Produce

Sunbury, Pa.-based Karpinski Trucking & Produce has added "a couple of retail chains" to its client list for Peruvian onions this year, said Ralph Diaz, export and import sales manager.

"We're going a little stronger with the consumer pack and have a couple of programs set up with regard to the consumer pack," he said.

The company is looking to increase its volume of Peruvian onions by 25-30%, Diaz said.

"When all said and done, we're looking to hit the 200-container mark," he said, noting that last year's container volume was 159.


Shuman Produce

Susannah Lanier joined Reidsville, Ga.-based Shuman Produce Inc. as its marketing coordinator in June, said John Shuman, president/sales director.

Lanier, from Metter, Ga., where she resides with her husband and young son, is a graduate of the University of Georgia, with degrees in agribusiness and agricultural leadership.

Prior to joining Shuman Produce, Lanier taught agricultural education for seven years at Southeast Bulloch High School in Brooklet, Ga.


Triple A Produce/Oso Sweet

Savannah, Ga.-based Triple A Produce and Oso Sweet Onion Co. have expanded their presence in organic Peruvian sweet onions this year, said Mark Breimeister, sales director.

"We'll carry that South American organic as long as we can," he said. "We see the growth in organics, as everybody does, and certainly have a goal of expanding organics to fill demand."

The company previously had offered organic onions from Peru on a "hit-or-miss basis," Breimeister said.

"We're working to make that (consistent production) a reality," he said.

Breimeister said he could not predict any volume on organic onions out of Peru this year.

"We know it will be greater this year than last year, but I can't give specifics," he said.

The company works with two organic growers in Peru, Breimeister said.