Pete's organic red butter lettuce.
( Courtesy Pete's Living Greens )

Pete’s Living Greens, Oxnard, Calif., is introducing Organic Red Butter Lettuce and Organic Spring Mix this month.

Like all of the company’s products, the new items come with roots attached and are hydroponically grown.

“Demand for organic produce, and lettuce in particular, is at it at an all-time high and is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon,” Corrie Hutchens, senior director of marketing, said in a news release.  “We are excited to be able to offer consumers sustainable, organic living lettuce varieties that are consistently high in quality all year round.”

The company is planning to expand availability of Pete’s Living Greens products on the East Coast in 2019, according to the release. The products are sold at grocery stores, natural foods markets, foodservice outlets and club stores.

“As we continue to grow, our focus is still on providing our retail partners across the nation with innovative, top-quality organic produce,” Brian Cook, vice president of Sales for Pete’s Living Greens, said in the release.

Pete’s Living Greens was formerly known as Hollandia Produce.