Pete's Living Greens has a brand refresh that includes new labels. ( Courtesy Pete's Living Greens )

Pete’s Living Greens, formerly known as Hollandia Produce, is rebranding with new labels and simplifying its name to Pete’s.

The company, Carpinteria, Calif., is known for retail living lettuce and cress packs, and the refreshed brand leads a planned expansion of products and geographic reach as it moves retail presence eastward, according to a news release. That includes products outside of the “living” category.

“We are confident that the move toward the simplified Pete’s name will help to exemplify our maturation as a company along with our future focus on innovation beyond just the living segment of our product portfolio while still staying true to our roots,” President Brian Cook said in the release.

Packaging with the new “Pete’s” label will be on store shelves starting in March, with bold colors and a focus on usage, nutritional benefits, and the longevity of the product.

“For so long our communication focus has solely been on the longevity of our butter lettuce and cress varieties given that they are sold with roots intact for added freshness and quality, and the plan isn’t to change that,” Corrie Hutchens, senior director of marketing, said in the release.

“Our goal is to build on the communication we’ve already established given that freshness and longevity don’t mean anything if consumers can’t find our products in store or don’t know how or what to use our products for,” she said.

Cress has been highlighted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for its nutrient density score and can be used in smoothies, salads or a pizza topping, Hutchens said.

The current product lineup under the Pete’s name includes Butter Lettuce, Red Butter Lettuce, Spring Mix and Cress in conventional and organic options