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Agriculture biotech company Phytelligence has reportedly shut down following a legal battle with Washington State University and the Cosmic Crisp apple variety.

Seattle-based Phytelligence and the university disputed the start-ups claim to propagate the variety, an up-and-coming variety that’s receiving a lot of positive press. WSU researchers began developing the Cosmic Crisp in 2012, and claimed Phytelligence was infringing on its patent. Phytelligence’s countersuit, claiming that WSU had violated a contract by not allowing it to commercially propagate the variety, was rejected by a judge this summer.

In late September, the Phytelligence board of directors “authorized management to appoint a general receiver to administer and liquidate its assets,” according to GeekWire, citing a Sept. 25 message to shareholders from CEO Glen Donald.

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