( Courtesy National Mango Board )

As Thanksgiving and winter holidays approach, the National Mango Board wants consumers to know that pineapples aren’t the only fruit that pairs well with ham.

A campaign to raise awareness of mangoes during the fourth-quarter will remind consumers that mangoes are a year-round fruit, according to a news release. 

The mango group is partnering with Fexy Media for shoppable recipes on food sites Serious Eats and Simply Recipes, which receive a combined 20 million visits each month. The National Mango Board has recipes for holiday favorites ham, cranberry sauce, eggnog and others, and there will be increased spending on social channels like Instagram and YouTube.

Influencers will be creating recipes for their social channels and TV segments, according to the release.

Display bins and holiday-themed point-of-sale materials will be available as well.

“When you think of mangos, you think sunshine and we are on a mission to ensure that consumers know that they can enjoy the mango sunshine all year long,” Valda Coryat, director of marketing, said in the release. “We launched the Mango Store in Q1 of 2019 as our first big reminder that there is a mango for all seasons and now we are ready to round out the year with new assets and disruptive tactics”

Retailers are planning sampling events and holiday recipe demos during the fourth quarter, according to Coryat.

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