( CPMA )

The use of plastics across the produce supply chain is the focus of a new industry working group formed by the Canadian Produce Marketing Association.

“This is a complex issue which is a focus for consumers, governments and industry,” CPMA president Ron Lemaire said in a news release. 

Lemaire said in the release that the use of plastics across the produce industry is important for food safety, product shelf life and produce identification. 

“This working group will look at all aspects of the issue to better understand the opportunities to balance environmental concerns, food safety issues and consumer demands,” Lemaire said in the release.

The group includes leaders from across CPMA member companies and will look at how plastics are unique to produce, what alternatives may be available and the implications of plastics for food loss and waste, according to the release.

A preliminary report from the working group is expected by the end of 2019.

For more information about the working group, contact Sue Lewis, vice president of market development for CPMA, at [email protected]


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