( SweeTango )

September and October marketing and advertising efforts have been successful for the new SweeTango apples, according to the variety’s marketing team.

The multi-media ad campaign includes YouTube and podcast ads, both uncommon advertising channels for apple marketers and for produce brands in general, according to a news release.

Podcast ads for SweeTango aired on seven different programs with audiences full of SweeTango target consumers, according to the release.

SweeTango apples are marketed by the Next Big Thing, A Growers’ Cooperative. North American sales desks for the cooperative include Stemilt Growers, All Fresh GPS, Ferguson’s Pepin Heights LLC, Fowler Farms, New York Apple Sales, and Scotian Gold Cooperative, according to the release.

In September and October, the listener audience for the podcast ads reached 1.4 Million, according to the release, with September’s downloads exceeding projections by 34%. Podcast hosts customize ads to suit their program’s tone while referring to a script provided by SweeTango’s marketing team. 

SweeTango spots were part of the Katie Couric Podcast, the Spontaneanation podcast with Paul Tompkins and the Spilled Milk podcast, according to the release.

The YouTube commercial for SweeTango also was performing above expectations, according to the release.

The YouTube ad shows SweeTango apple fans arriving at the grocery store with the same enthusiasm that sports fans bring on game day. The ad reached 200,000 impressions over September and October with an impressive 33% of viewers watching the ad from beginning to end, even though YouTube users have the ability to ‘skip’ pre-roll ads after 5 seconds of viewing. 

“Having 15% views of full pre-roll ads is considered good by YouTube standards, and anything above 25% is outstanding,” Cristie Mather of The Fiction Tribe, the creative agency that manages consumer marketing for SweeTango, said in the release. “With its view rate of 33%, we can see that this SweeTango ad truly captures the viewers’ attention.“ 

The ad campaign continues through November and December to support sales at retail. Last to harvest, New York’s Fowler Farms and New York Apple Sales look forward to selling their large count premium fruit into the holidays to wrap up a successful season, the release said.