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Casting nearly 450 votes, readers of The Packer showed widely divergent views about President Trump’s vision for a border wall.

In a poll on The Packer’s website the first half of March, readers were asked: “How do you feel about President Trump’s plan to build a border wall at the U.S.-Mexican border?”

Here are the responses, by percentage vote:

  • Strongly support, 45%;
  • Support, 9%;
  • Oppose, 9%;
  • Strongly oppose, 37%; and  
  • Undecided, 1%.
poll results

The poll indicated that 54% of those voting supported or strongly support Trump’s vision of a border wall, while 46% said they opposed or strongly opposed Trump’s plan.

Results of past polls on The Packer’s website are available here.  


Dirty Dozen poll

The new poll for Packer readers is this:

How does your company respond to the release of the Dirty Dozen list?


  • Ignore it
  • Use social media and other channels to talk about the safety of our growing practices
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Submitted by larry k on Thu, 03/21/2019 - 15:30

How many of those that were polled use illegal immigrants labor?

Submitted by NotPropagandized on Thu, 03/21/2019 - 18:09

Same results as most polls. About half know what they're talking about and about half are dumb as a gate bolt.