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Readers voting in The Packer’s latest poll feel President Trump and Democrats share nearly equal blame among those who voted.

The poll, asking “Who is to blame for the government shutdown?” received 305 votes. Voting showed these results:
Donald Trump 42%(129 votes);
Republicans, 2%(5 votes);
Democrats, 42% (127 votes);
Both, 13%, (40 votes); and
Other, 1% (4 votes).

Submitted by Mark DeAngelis on Wed, 01/23/2019 - 10:01

This poll from Packer readers is actually more telling about our readership than a sentiment of the country. There have been at least a dozen other published polls all very consistent with each other but having a much stronger correlation to Trump/GOP than Dems.
This is not a judgment on my part but an interesting data point that compares different target populations both receiving the same information (the reasons for the shutdown)