( Photo courtesy Adobe Spark; graphic by Amelia Freidline )

Red onions averaged a price of $1.33 per pound around the country on Jan. 29, according to U.S. Marketing Services, which surveys four retailers in eight major U.S. cities. The city with the highest average price was Los Angeles, at $1.59 per pound, while Chicago claimed the lower end of the spectrum at 99 cents per pound.

Four of the 32 locations surveyed had red onions on ad. In Atlanta, Kroger's on-ad price was 99 cents per pound, and Publix's ad price was $1.69 per pound. Kroger in Dallas also had the product on ad for 99 cents per pound, and Foodtown in New Jersey had an on-ad price of $1.49 a pound.

The highest surveyed price around the country was $1.99 per pound, at Wegmans in New Jersey, and at Price Chopper in Boston, according to U.S. Marketing Services. The least expensive price was 95 cents per pound at Target in Atlanta.

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