More produce companies are joining the digital world, buying and selling fruits and vegetables online.

But produce distributor Terra Exports, Las Vegas, is taking a step further by accepting Bitcoin transactions.

The company, based in Las Vegas, ships fresh produce from 27 countries to clients across the globe, according to a news release. Its first Bitcoin transaction was in early November, with a customer in Singapore. Since then, the company has accepted Bitcoin payments on three other sales in India and the U.S.

“We’re all about the entrepreneurial thinking and embracing change, so if that means we need to innovate on how we get paid, we are happy to do it,” Nils Goldschmidt, Terra Exports president, said in the release.

Goldschmidt said the company isn’t speculating with the cryptocurrency, converting Bitcoin payments to U.S. dollars and making deposits in the normal manner.

“While we’re all about embracing change and innovation, we’re also quite risk-averse and fiscally conservative,” he said in the release.

Terra Exports does a significant amount of business in China and India, where Bitcoin is gaining in popularity, according to the release, but customers can still pay using traditional methods.

“Accepting Bitcoin has really forced us to take a crash course on the entire crypto phenomenon, so if anything I can say we’ve learned a ton during the past few months,” Goldschmidt said in the release. “It has also helped out team reinforce our philosophy that we embrace change and enjoy the process.”