Lower prices for Florida tomatoes and Mexican avocados drove the Produce Price Index (my own creation) down to lower levels in late January, though prices for Idaho potatoes are trending higher.

According to the “index” a simple average of ten high-volume produce commodity shipping point prices, the Jan. 28 average is $14.81 per carton, down from $16.31 on Jan. 21 and $16.86 on Jan.18. This index is as unscientific as they come, but it does show big-picture trends. In the “what goes up” category, tomato markets seem to be coming back to earth in late January after numerous weeks of elevated pricing.

The Jan. 23 Pro*Act market report said russet potato carton market continues to rise each week on 80 counts and larger.  From the report: “Burbanks are the main variety which are peaking on 80 count and smaller. Will this be the trend through the balance of the season? Or are the growers holding on to their larger potatoes. Only time will tell. It is a good time to stay ahead of supplies.”


Check out the charts below:

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And this for week by week price changes by commodity...

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Finally, check out data on baby carrot retail pricing, gathered by U.S. Marketing Services, with the graphic produced by  The Packer's Brooke Park.



Baby carrot prices