The Produce Moms has added two spokeswomen to its roster. ( Photos courtesy The Produce Moms )

Two food bloggers have joined Lori Taylor as personalities of The Produce Moms.

The organization paved the way for the change with its October rebrand, which included a name change from The Produce Mom.

Coming on board as spokeswomen for the brand are Candace Wylie, whose blog is FoodLoveTog, and Tara Rochford, whose blog is Treble in the Kitchen.

Wylie worked for Kroger for nearly 15 years in public affairs and marketing, so she is familiar with the grocery business and many brands The Produce Moms promotes, Taylor said. She has also been recognized as one of the top African-American food bloggers.

Rochford — while not a mom — is a certified fitness instructor and in the process of becoming a registered dietitian.

The organization is vetting other personalities as well, looking for people who are a good fit for the brand.

“Our goal is to make sure that our readers can always say ‘I feel like this is me’ when they encounter messaging and promotion from The Produce Moms,” Taylor said.

She has high expectations for how the expansion will benefit readers who follow the organization.

“By expanding our Produce Mom personalities we are providing our consumer community with more voices, more recipes, more perspectives, more culture — all united under the mission and interest of increasing the consumption of fresh produce,” Taylor said. “The addition of our new Produce Moms will allow us to more aggressively curate and produce content that our followers crave.”

One initiative in which those new personalities will participate is a Facebook Live video series.

“Committing to a weekly Facebook Live has proven an effective strategy to boosting our audience engagement on Facebook,” Taylor said. “Furthermore, the authentic promotion of products has been well received by The Produce Moms’ brand partners; our Facebook Live episodes are currently booked up through April.”