( The Produce Moms )

The Produce Moms is launching a weekly educational podcast for consumers featuring guest interviews with influencers in produce, agriculture, wellness and entrepreneurship.

The new podcast was created with help from producer Bryant Urich of The Podcasting Experiment, Nashville, Tenn., and is on Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, Stitcher and theproducemoms.com, according to a news release.

“According to the latest Nielsen report on podcasting, over 60 million American households are podcast listeners and fans, so it made sense for The Produce Moms to make sure we were advocating for and representing the produce industry on this growing platform,” The Produce Moms founder and CEO Lori Taylor said in the release.

The Produce Moms podcast guests will share their stories and knowledge on a wide variety of topics suggested by The Produce Moms’ 40,000-strong community.

“When we decided to launch our podcast series, we wanted to make sure we were catering to the issues our audience wants to know about the most, so we did some community-sourcing and the topics they suggested ran the gamut from the truth about how produce is grown, to who are the heroes of the produce world and what are their stories,” Taylor said in the release.

Lisa Helfman, founder and CEO of Brighter Bites, and Alex Jackson Berkley, a third-generation leader of Frieda’s Inc., will feature in upcoming weeks, with a new episode to be released each Wednesday, according to the release.

Additional upcoming guests include Margaret D’Arrigo-Martin of Taylor Farms, Allison Kuhn of Kroger, Jaclyn London of Good Housekeeping and thought leaders from produce companies that are The Produce Moms’ brand partners.

To suggest a topic or guest for a future segment of the podcast, e-mail [email protected]