Bags of Crunch Pak apple slices for retail sale carry The Produce Moms logo, and plans are to add the logo to foodservice bags. ( Courtesy Crunch Pak )

Crunch Pak apple sliced apple packs are now promoting the fresh-cut company’s partnership with The Produce Moms.

Crunch Pak’s 12-ounce bags of sweet, tart and mixed apple slices and 10-ounce bags of peeled and organic slices carry The Produce Moms logo, and plans are to include it on 2-ounce bags being developed for foodservice customers, according to a Crunch Pak news release.

The fresh-cut apple company joined the Produce Moms’ lineup of fresh produce brands in August 2017.

“Crunch Pak identifies with The Produce Moms as a brand that connects with women and moms interested in consuming more fruits and vegetables, so this co-branded packaging between Crunch Pak and The Produce Moms makes perfect sense,” Tony Freytag, executive vice president an co-founder of Crunch Pak, said in the release.

Lori Taylor, who started The Produce Moms in 2012, has more than 100 retail and produce company partners, and promotes fruit and vegetable consumption on multiple media platforms. 

“When Crunch Pak approached us about the possibility of including (The Produce Moms) logo on their sliced apple bags, we all realized the consumer recognition factor that this arrangement would afford those who put the Crunch Pak brand on their shelves,” Taylor said in the release.

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