Purple may be new the green. Multiple media outlets are reporting purple produce is a top 2017 food trend.

"Purple fruits and vegetable are everywhere in the media right now with purple cauliflower and Stokes Purple sweet potatoes leading the way," said Karen Caplan, president and CEO of Frieda's Specialty Produce, in a news release. "Cauliflower in general is gaining ground as a contender to dethrone kale, and Stokes Purple sweet potatoes sales remain strong as shoppers are asking for them by name nationwide."

Caplan suggests retailers stock up and take advantage before the trend fades.

"This is the perfect time to build a big, bountiful 'Purple Power' destination in the produce department or promote special menus while purple is fresh in shoppers' minds," Caplan said.

Other purple produce includes passion fruit, purple potatoes, purple carrots, radicchio, Treviso and eggplant varieties.