( Courtesy QA Supplies )

QA Supplies donated more than $500 worth of equipment to the Yakima Valley Museum for their new STEM interactive agricultural exhibit.

The exhibit focuses on apple production and a live observation beehive, according to a news release. QA Supplies donated a refractometer, a fruit firmness tester and other quality assurance equipment.

QA Supplies believes the exhibit will provide an excellent learning opportunity, Russ Holt, sales and marketing manager at QA Supplies, said in the release.

The museum plans to create a video wall to show advances in the technology and science used in modern apple farming, Peter Arnold, director of Yakima Valley Museum, said in the release. The equipment from QA Supplies will be used as interactive tools to show how they are applied in apple farming.

“We believe that these additions in our exhibits and interpretation will significantly enhance the educational content for visitors — especially schoolchildren — and draw attention to the significant opportunities that exist right here in the Valley for high-tech careers,” Arnold said in the release.

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