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The mental health of Quebec’s produce growers is top of mind among all the stress of the summer peak season.

To assist and offer support, the Quebec Produce Growers Association offered resources on its July 24 marketing newsletter.

“Take care of yourself! Don’t wait until your stress level is too high to seek help,” the letter states.

The association listed several resources to help:

  • At the heart of farm families at 450-768-6995, acfareseaux.qc.ca;
  • Row workers, or social workers in agriculture in different regions of Quebec, bit.ly/Quebec-ag;
  • Other help resources, including a toll-free phone consultation at 833-368-8301, bit.ly/Quebec-resources; and
  • An educational document produced by the Department of Health and Social Services on stress, anxiety and depression related to COVID-19 and ways to address it: bit.ly/Quebec-mental-resources.