One of the Quest Dehumidifiers in the Trotec line, specifically engineered for the cold chain. ( Courtesy Quest Dehumidifiers )

Keeping the cold chain intact for numerous fresh produce items is a key factor in maintaining shelf life, but humidity in cold storage can be a problem.

Quest Dehumidifiers, Madison, Wis., has a new solution with its Trotec line, specifically designed for the cold chain. The humidifiers debuted at the Global Cold Chain Expo in Chicago, co-located with the United Fresh Produce Association’s expo on June 11-12.

“I’ve spent 23 years helping businesses in the cold chain industry solve some of their biggest humidity and HVAC challenges, but no one has made it easy for the customer,” Dan Dettmers, applications engineer for Quest, said in a news release.

 Dettmers has more than 20 years of experience in the industry, has been an associate researcher at the Industrial Refrigeration Consortium at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, publishing numerous papers on cold chain technologies there.

“I’ve listened to cold chain industry leaders talk about all the problems they face when trying to get a handle on humidity, but until now no one came back with reasonable solutions,” Dettmers said in the release. “The Quest Trotec line, along with our expert staff, is changing that.”

The new line of cold chain dehumidifiers is a partnership with Quest and Germany-based Trotec, which specializes in dessicant technology, according to the release.

More information on the cold chain dehumidifiers is on Quest's website.