Railex marketing director dies at 24

Railex marketing director dies at 24Jason Pollak, director of marketing for Railex, died April 19 in a one-car accident in Southampton Village, N.Y. He was 24.

Railex ships fresh produce and other temperature-controlled cargo from cold storage sites in California and Washington to New York via nonstop trains. The company offers fifth day delivery to Northeast destinations.

Pollak also worked in sales for A.D.S., a Riverhead, N.Y., produce company. He was a surfing instructor for eight years, and owned a social networking site, The Jump Off, for two years.

David Buivid, a blogger at TheSmackPack.com who helped Pollak establish a charitable organization, www.worldwidepsychos.org, praised him as a "promising captain of industry."

"His vivaciousness, eagerness to learn, generosity and most notably his selflessness was a gift to everyone," Buivid wrote in his blog.

In the accident, Pollak was a passenger in a car driven by Allison Rydberg. Rydberg survived and was later released from a hospital. Police charged her with driving while intoxicated, The Southampton Press reported.



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