A Wanderlust 108 attendee enjoys an apple at a 2017 event in Austin, Texas, the first such event in which Rainier Fruit participated. ( Courtesy Rainier Fruit )

Selah, Wash.-based Rainier Fruit is expanding its focus on promoting active lifestyles through a partnership with Wanderlust, a yoga event company.

Rainier will be the healthy lunch sponsor for 24 Wanderlust 108 events in the U.S. and Canada, according to a news release.

“We’re excited about this new relationship,” Andy Tudor, vice president of new business development for Rainier, said in the release. 

“Our mission is living Wholesome to the Core, which is about cultivating your best self and living your best life. The whole focus of yoga and the mission of Wanderlust is in total alignment with our mission and our healthy products including our expanding organic program making this a great fit,” he said in the release.

Rainier also plans to work with retailers in areas where the yoga events are, to run promotions and help event attendees find Rainier fruit in their local stores, according to the release.

Rainier has also had partnerships with the Boston Marathon, Portland Marathon, Charleston Marathon, and the Mesa-Phoenix Marathon, according to the release.