Ramadan an opportunity for India datesIndia-based Gorasiya Farm expects as much as a 30% increase in exports of its barhi dates this year.

Nearly half of its production goes to the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany and Italy.

India"s fresh barhi date season starts in July and ends mid-August, coinciding with much of Ramadan. Dates are widely consumed during the monthlong Islamic observance, which started June 27.

Ramadan"s timing this year may help Gorasiya Farm enter the Middle East market starting from Dubai, partner A. R. Sharma said in a news release. The company is also exploring opportunities to enter the China market.

Packaging options include 500-gram plastic punnets and jars for malls and premium outlets, as well as 1-kilogram and 5-kilogram corrugated box packing and larger customized packs for loose and wholesale sales.

The dates are produced in Kutch, Gujarat province, India.