Red Sun Farms has focused on recycled packaging over the past six years. ( Courtesy Red Sun Farms )

Red Sun Farms, Kingsville, Ontario, is introducing a new graphic design to highlight its sustainability goals and a focus on recyclable packaging.

Over past six years, the hydroponic greenhouse grower of cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes has, according to a news release:

Started packing peppers in polypropylene (PP) flow wrap (recyclable material if labels are removed); 

Started packed snacking tomatoes in plastic bowls and clamshells that range between 60-90% recyclable content;

Launched a 10-ounce  organic grape tomatoes fiber pint pack, which is a recyclable/compostable option that reduces plastic use by over 90%;

Began transitioning organic peppers, tomatoes on the vine and cucumbers with a backyard compostable price look-up label. 

The company also is introducing its newest sustainable solution, a technology from Yerecic Label, SustainLabel!. The labels include wash-away technology and have passed the Association of Plastic Recycler Critical Guidance Testing, according to the release.

“By separating cleanly from PET flake and floating during the recycling wash process, SustainLabel! constructions positively contribute to the recycling stream by increasing the availability of food grade rPET,” Elizabeth Yerecic said in the release. “Yerecic Label also utilizes 100% recycled content cores for all label rolls and a targeted 70% (post-consumer recycled) in corrugated.” 

This medium change created the perfect opportunity for a  brand refresh across the company portfolio of packaging, according to the release.

“The investment of this new technology demonstrates our continued commitment to delivering sustainable solutions to our customer, while improving our product visibility & transparency,” Carlos Visconti, CEO of Red Sun Farms USA & Canada Operations, said in the release. “Our graphic refresh places the produce at the center of our design.”  

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