More produce options will be available in newly renovated Food Lion locations. ( Food Lion )

Food Lion has poured $168 million into updating 105 stores in the greater Norfolk, Va., market, and the changes include greater fresh produce offerings.

“Food Lion has nourished the greater Norfolk community for nearly 40 years, and we’re excited to bring these improvements to our 105 local stores,” president Meg Ham said in a news release. “We’ve created a new grocery shopping experience through the significant investments in our stores, customers, associates and communities. From our expanded variety and product assortment, newly reorganized stores, new signage to a more efficient check-out experience, every change we’ve made will make it easier for our customers to find fresh, quality products at affordable prices every day.”

More local produce will be available, and the “abundant selection” of fresh produce overall comes with a double-your-money-back guarantee, according to the release. Twelve of the 105 stores will also have “walk-in garden coolers” to extend the shelf life of produce.

Food Lion has remodeled 649 of its 1,030 stores in the last four years and plans to continue to make improvements.