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Park City Group’s ReposiTrak Inc. and Recall InfoLink have announced a new partnership to integrate technologies and efforts for joint business development.

The partnership combines ReposiTrak’s traceability and Recall InfoLink’s recall processing power, according to news release. That should allow recalls to become fast, easy, standardized events that protect consumers, brands and businesses, according to the release.

ReposiTrak is a wholly owned subsidiary of Park City Group, and helps retailers control risk, reduce supply chain expense and grow sales via a technology solution platform, according to the release. The platform can help retailers find suppliers and make sure they comply with food safety standards.

Recall InfoLink offers a patented, web-based product recall management platform. The system improves efficiency by providing standardized messages, automated communications, inventory tracking and reports for compliance efforts.

“We’re pleased to join with the Recall InfoLink team to give our customers the peace of mind they need to run their businesses better in today’s hyper competitive marketplace,” Randall Fields, chairman and CEO of Park City Group, said in the release.

Roger Hancock, founder and CEO of Recall InfoLink, said in the release that the combination of the two systems will help retailers and their partners.