A vote on the House farm bill could happen this week. ( File photo )

House Republicans hope to debate and vote on the farm bill this week, but industry sources say it is uncertain whether the GOP has the votes to pass it.

“The Rules Committee has got (the farm bill) today and tomorrow (May 16) and they hope to start debate Thursday and finish up on Friday (May 18),” said John Keeling, executive president and CEO of the National Potato Council.

“It is not clear to most people if they have the votes at this point,” Keeling said. “I think they are doing all the right things, and trying to get the votes together.”

While the Specialty Crop Farm Bill Alliance was neutral on the House farm bill because the group wants some changes in the legislation, Keeling said the bill does have many programs that the industry supports. The alliance would be pleased if the farm bill passes the House, he said.

Attention would then turn toward the Senate farm bill. Keeling said Senate leaders are continuing to report they are making progress toward moving a farm bill.