Revol Greens' new retail products are Romaine Twins, Arctic Crunch and Power Up Blend. ( Courtesy Revol Greens )

Revol Greens, Owatonna, Minn., has three new retail lettuce products.

The company, which recently expanded from two to 10 acres, according to a news release now offers:

Romaine Twins: Baby whole-leaf romaine lettuce heads harvested with the stem intact. Consumers can chop the heads for a salad, or remove the stem and use the leaves on a sandwich, wrap or tacos;
Arctic Crunch: Green leaf lettuce with the crunch of iceberg but packed with nutrients found in darker leaf varieties. Ideal for salads, adding taste and texture; and
Power Up Blend: Kale, chard and arugula blend that adds vitamins A, K and C, with beta carotene. Ideal in sautes or smoothies.

“We are incredibly appreciative of the strong loyalty among our followers,” Mark Schulze, CEO of Revol Greens, said in the release. “Based on their feedback, we developed these three new products.”

The greenhouse expansion allowed the company to add the new leafy greens to its lineup, he said.

Revol Greens products are available at select Midwestern grocery stores with prices ranging from $2.99-3.99, depending on location. They are also available in bulk packs through foodservice distributors in the Midwest, according to the release.

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