( Robinson Fresh )

Eden Prairie, Minn.-based Robinson Fresh is touting its newest value-added product — Perfect Potatoes.

“We utilize the highly desirable, micro-sized potato that reduces the cooking and prep time,” said Michael Castagnetto, vice president of sourcing. 

“The potatoes are in convenient packaging that requires no other dishes.”

Robinson Fresh also has options that allow for better storage with zipper-style seals and seasoning packets that “provide a wide range of flavors and were tested against consumer panels,” Castagnetto said.

“The flavors selected were found to be the highest trending flavors in consumer taste,” he said.

The product also meets consumer trends of more frequent trips to the store with a smaller basket size on each trip; “single-meal solutions,” as well as multiple flavors, Castagnetto said.

Submitted by David on Wed, 03/06/2019 - 09:50

In an effort to reduce food waste and keep farmers financially healthy in the US we should be promoting "Ugly Veg".