( Courtesy Root 24 )

Root 24 Farms, a new grower-owned organic blueberry company based in Moxee, Wash., is finishing up its first harvest and already has plans to expand, said Tim Youmans, executive vice president of sales.

“We brought a brand new brand to the marketplace this year,” said Youmans, who logged 18 years’ experience with Watsonville, Calif.-based Driscoll’s before signing on with the new company.

“I came on board to create the brand and then bring it to life,” he said.

Root 24 Farms is so named because its two farms are at opposite ends of Route 24, which traverses the heart of Washington, linking the two locations.

The company offers fresh, frozen, dried and powdered blueberries.

Fresh berries come in 6-ounce dry pints, 18-ounce and 2-pound clamshells and a 6-ounce jumbo pack.

The company has a lot of acreage but currently is producing only in Washington during the Pacific Northwest window from mid-June until the second week of August.

When the season is over, Youmans said it will be his job to find growers in other areas.

Youmans said he was pleased with the company’s first year.

“It’s a good year for blueberries out of the Pacific Northwest,” he said.

He expects the company to have more acreage next year when more land is certified organic and new plants mature.


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