The RubyFrost apple, developed at Cornell University and grown in New York, is back for another season.

Ideal growing conditions allowed for a larger crop with good size and quality, according to a news release.

RubyFrost apples are marketed by Crunch Time Apple Growers. The variety debuted in 2014, and increasing volumes have been made available each season.

“We have more than doubled our crop this year, and the apples are truly gorgeous with a rich, burgundy color,” Rena Montedoro, director of marketing for Crunch Time Apple Growers, said in the release.

The variety is picked in the fall and is then kept in cold storage for several months to further develop flavor.

“RubyFrost actually gets better in cold storage, which makes it the perfect ‘winterfresh’ apple,” Montedoro said in the release.

Crunch Time Apple Growers promotes the RubyFrost as a slow-browning apple that is great for eating and also one ideal for baking because it holds its shape and flavor well.